The Love Project

I've been overwhelmed of late by the desperate need to do something to help the world, it's a burden to big for one person to bare, and as with everyone, there is only so much anyone alone can do.

With this project my aim is to share a bit of love and light with those who need it most but I am unable to reach in the physical world.  I have been doing this in my own practice, but thought it was time to open it up to the wider world, let us bring a spark of hope or a step towards positive change for someone.

The prayer is available as a free download (you still have to add it to your cart and "check out", but it is set with no shipping costs so it won't cost you anything), and each candle bought will be accompanied by a printed version.

The candles below are sold at cost.  I make no profit from them.  They are all handmade and charged with love.  If you already have a pink candle at hand, you can definitely use that, just download the prayer for free and let's send love out into the universe.