Altar Box

Altar Box

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Whether you're just getting started on your witchcraft journey, or looking to create an additional altar, this box contains a collection of items to make a sacred space.

Included are:

  • a 100 hour pillar candle
  • Glass candle holder (it can be used either way up for different sized pillar candles and also has a holder for a taper candle)
  • Silver metal leaf offering dish
  • Round wooden incense holder for cones or sticks
  • a piece of rough Rose Quartz
  • a Clear Quartz point
  • a Smokey Quartz point
  • an Amethyst tumble stone
  • jars of Bay leaves, Himalayan Salt, dried Nettle, and dried Common Sage
  • a box of Nag Champa incense cones
  • a box of Patchouli Forest incense sticks

The herbs included are for use in spell work and loose incense only. They are not for human consumption.

Please note Crystals, Herbs, Candle, and other types of magick are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue you must consult a doctor.

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