Anglo Saxon Pantheon

Below is a non exhaustive list of Anglo Saxon Gods and Goddesses and some of their correspondences.  You will notice that there are some similarities between the Anglo Saxon and Norse pantheons, but as they are practiced as separate branches of Heathenry I have kept them separate here.

The correspondence details are in no way complete and are from my own research.  Through your own reading you may come across additional or different information to add to your own records.

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 Name Colours Plants Stones Offerings


Day: Friday

Blue, Green, Silver, White Birch, Borage, Broom, Chamomile, Flax, Lady's Bedstraw, Marsh and Swamp Plants, Reeds, Shepherd's Purse, Thyme, Weld, Wild Rose Blue Calcite, Moonstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Snow Quartz Alpine Strawberries, Butter, Chamomile and Honey Tea, Flax Seeds, Fresh Bread, Goat Milk and Cheese, Honey, Honey Mead, Oats, Spindle of handspun yarn, Spun Sugar, Yuletide Candles