Below is a table of crystals that I use in my practice and that are available in the store.  Click on the name to see what items are available in store.

Abalone Balance, Protection, Tranquility
Amazonite Balance, Calming, Change, Emotions, Healing, Transformation
Amethyst Calming, Healing, Meditation, Peace, Protection, Spirituality, Spirit Work, Stability
Apatite Banishing Negativity, Manifestation, Spirituality
Apophyllite Clearing Blockages, Healing, Honesty, Inner Vision, Spirit Work, Tranquillity
Apricot Agate Balance, Confidence, Peace
Aquamarine Cleansing, Creativity, Honesty, Psychic Abilities, Relaxation, Truth
Black Agate

Balance, Peace, Protection, Strength, Tranquillity

Black Obsidian

Grounding, Manifestation, Psychic Protection

Black Tourmaline

Banishing Negativity, Protection, Regeneration, Renewal

Bloodstone Cleansing, Healing, Protection
Blue Calcite Balance, Confidence, Courage, Healing, Love, Peace, Purification, Spirituality
Blue Chalcedony Calming, Communication, Motivation, Prosperity
Blue Lace Agate Meditation, Peace, Relaxation
Bronzite Confidence, Courage, Grounding, Harmony, Protection
Carnelian Confidence, Creativity, Empowerment, Meditation, Motivation, Perseverance, Positivity
Chrysoprase Abundance, Creativity, Happiness, Hope
Citrine Abundance, Banishing Negativity, Creativity, Happiness,  Love, Manifestation, Meditation, Money, Prosperity
Clear Quartz All purpose crystal that can be used in the place of any other, Clarity, Cleansing, Concentration, Creativity, Focus, Healing, Meditation
Dalmatian Jasper Grounding, Happiness, Loyalty, Positivity, Strength, Tranquility
Dragon's Blood Jasper Courage, Strength, Vitality
Emerald Abundance, Compassion, Friendship, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Hope
Flame Jasper Balance, Courage, Grounding, Health, Protection, Stability, Wisdom
Fluorite Banish Negativity, Concentration, Creativity, Decision Making, Self Confidence, Stress Relief
Green Aventurine Compassion, Creativity, Decisions, Empathy, Luck, Personal Growth, Prosperity
Green Calcite Abundance, Balance, Compassion, Healing, Memory, Prosperity
Hawk's Eye Balance, Communication, Concentration, Focus, Good Fortune, Luck, Psychic Abilities
Hematite Balance, Banishing Negativity, Protection, Psychic Protection, Strength
Kambaba Jasper
Lepidolite Balance, Calming, Change, Meditation, Stability
Magnesite Balancing Emotions, Clarity, Communication, Creativity, Happiness, Imagination, Inner Vision, Joy, Love, Meditation, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Relaxation, Self Esteem, Stress Relief
Mahogany Obsidian Banishing Negativity, Confidence, Healing
Malachite Change, Creativity, Intuition, Manifestation, Prosperity, Protection
Moonstone Balance, Creativity, Intuition, Lunar Magick, Personal Growth, Protection, Sleep
Moss Agate Abundance, Balance, Grounding, Healing, Prosperity
Peach Aventurine Balance, Banishing negativity, Calming, Creativity, Motivation, Protection, Relaxation
Picture Jasper Balance, Banishing Negativity, Confidence, Creativity, Energy, Independence, Leadership, the Past, Protection, Stability, Strength
Prasiolite Abundance, Balance, Compassion, Creativity, Intuition, Self Love, Success, Victory
Red Aventurine Banishing Negativity, Clarity, Healing, Imagination, Manifestation, Strength 
Selenite Amplifying & Cleansing other stones, Cleansing, Lunar Magick, Protection, Spirit Work
Serpentine Abundance, Calming, Love, Meditation, Peace, Transformation
Silver Leaf Jasper Astral Work, Clarity, Grounding, Protection, Safe Travel
Smokey Quartz Banishing Negativity, Cleansing, Grounding, Healing, Relaxation, Sleep, Stability, Stress Relief, Transformation
Snow Quartz Banishing Negativity, Good Fortune, Luck, Positivity, Relaxation, Spirituality
Sodalite Calming, Communication, Dream Work, Harmony, Intuition, Sleep, Tranquility
Sunstone Abundance, Confidence, Empowerment, Good Fortune, Happiness, Luck
Unakite Balance, Emotions, Empathy, Gratitude, Growth, Harmony, Love, Spirituality
Yellow Aventurine
Yellow Jasper