Trees, Herbs, and Flowers

Below is a table of the most common trees, herbs, and flowers that I use in my practice and that are available in the store.  Click on the name to see what items are available in store.

Agrimony Breaking Curses/Hexes, Gratitude, Financial Success, Protection, Reversal, Sleep
Aloe Luck, Protection
Basil Exorcism, Love, Safe Travel, Wealth
Bay Divination, Healing, Health, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Purification, Wishes
Bladderwrack Lunar Magick, Money, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Safe Travel, Water Magick
Blue Mallow Communication, Emotions, Honesty, Love, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Truth
Boneset Exorcism, Inner Cleansing, Protection, Spirit Work, Uncrossing
Calendula Love, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Transformation
Catnip Beauty, Happiness, Love, Luck, Peace, Psychic Ability, Spirit Work, Prevents Nightmares
Chamomile Breaking Curses/Hexes, Love, Luck, Money, Prosperity, Purification, Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, Unbinding
Cinnamon Healing, Love, Lust, Psychic Powers, Protection, Solar Magick, Spirituality, Success
Cloves Banish Negativity, Divination, Exorcism, Financial Success, Friendship, Inspiration, Love, Psychic Abilities, Prosperity, Protection, Success
Comfrey Abundance, Endurance, Healing, Prosperity, Protection, Purification, Safe Travel
Cornflower Abundance, Divination, Fertility, Intuition, Love, Luck, Protection, Psychic Awareness, Self Knowledge, Spirituality
Dandelion Calling Spirits, Creativity, Divination, Inspiration, New Beginnings, Wishes
Dill Luck, Lust, Money, Protection
Dragon's Blood Energy, Healing, Intention, Love, Manifestation, Protection, Purification
Echinacea Abundance, Cleansing, Fertility, Healing, Inner Strength, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Purfication
Elder/Elderflower Exorcism, Healing, Sleep, Prosperity, Protection
Eucalyptus Banishing, Cleansing, Happiness, Healing, Protection, Purification, Relationships
Fennel Healing, Protection, Purification
Frankincense Banishing Negativity, Cleansing, Consecration, Divination, Exorcism, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Spirituality
Hawthorn Banishing Negativity, Happiness, Fertility, Forgiveness, Love, Meditation
Hazel Fertility, Luck, Protection, Wishes
Heather Balance, Fertility, Love, Luck, Lust, Protection, Safe Travel, Spirit Work
Hibiscus Creativity, Divination, Dreams, Freedom, Love, Lust, Psychic Abilities
Himalayan Salt Abundance, Dreams, Friendship, Healing, Love, Lunar Magick, Prosperity, Protection, Romance, Wishes
Hops Dreams, Healing, Sleep
Horehound Clarity, Healing, Home Blessing, Protection, Strength
Hyssop Purification, Protection
Jasmine Creativity, Divination, Friendship, Inspiration, Love, Lunar Magick, Meditation, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Relaxation, Sleep
Lavender Happiness, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification, Sleep
Lemon Balm Healing, Love, Success
Lilac Banishing Negativity, Exorcism, Healing
Lotus Clarity, Healing, Love, Luck, Protection, Purification, Water Magick
Lovage Energy, Love, Psychic Dreams, Protection, Purification
Mace (Blade) Concentration, Love, Luck, Meditation, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities
Marjoram Happiness, Health, Love, Prosperity, Protection
Meadowsweet Balance, Courage, Divination, Happiness, Harmony, Love, Peace, Protection
Mint Communication, Dreams, Energy, Financial Success, Healing, Love, Protection, Safe Travel, Strength, Vitality
Mugwort Astral Projection, Divination, Healing, Prophetic Dreams, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Strength
Nag Champa All purpose incense that can be used in the place of any other, Meditation, Stress Relief
Nettle Breaking Curses/Hexes, Cleansing, Consecration, Exorcism, Healing, Home Protection, Lust, Protection
Oak Fertility, Good Luck, Health and Healing, Money, Stability, Strength, Success
Orange Banishing Negativity, Courage, Divination, Energy, Love, Luck, Money, Solar Magick
Patchouli Abundance, Banishing Negativity, Courage, Fertility, Love, Lust, Manifestation, Money, Prosperity, Proteciton, Spell Breaking
Peach Banishing Negativity, Exorcism, Fertility, Knowledge, Longevity, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Wishes
Peony Breaking Curses/Hexes, Exorcism, Healing, Luck, Prosperity, Protection, Success
Primrose Cleansing, Empathy, Love, Protection, Purification
Red Sandalwood Banishing Negativity, Breaking Curses/Hexes, Blessings, Healing, Love, Protection, Psychic Awareness
Rose All purpose flower that can be used in the place of any other, Cleansing, Confidence, Divination, Dreams, Empathy, Love, Luck, Lust, Healing, Invigoration, Mediation, Memory, Patience, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Protection, Purification, Relaxation, Solar Magick, Strength, Trust
Rosemary All purpose herb that can be used in the place of any other, Cleansing, Exorcism, Healing, Invigoration, Love, Memory, Protection, Purification, Sleep, Solar Magick, Strength
Sage Banishing Negativity, Clarity, Cleansing, Knowledge, Longevity, Protection, Wishes, Wisdom
St. John's Wort Divination, Happiness, Health, Love, Protection, Strength
Star Anise Divination, Intuition, Luck, Psychic Abilities
Sunflower Fertility, Health, Loyalty, Luck, Money, Positivity, Solar Magick, Trust, Wisdom, Wishes 
Sweet Violet Banishing Negativity, Creativity, Dreams, Happiness, Healing, Peace, Protection, Sleep, Tranquility
Tansy Health, Longevity
Thyme Banishing Negativity, Courage, Healing, Love, Prosperity, Psychic  Abilities, Purification, Sleep, Strength
Valerian Root Astral Work, Confidence, Dreams, Relaxation, Self Love, Sleep


White Willow Bark Healing, Love, Protection
Wormwood Love, Psychic Abilities, Protection, Spirit Work
Yarrow Courage, Exorcism, Healing, Love, Protection, Psychic Powers